Yolanda Townsend

Yolanda is a results driven member of the Executive team. As General Counsel and Senior Vice President, she is charged with leading Resource Mobilization, key legal and business strategies  and Internal Operations at Opportunity@Work. She also is the head of the TechHire team that supports the creation of employment pathways for the more than 80 million workers in this country who don’t have a four-year college degree but who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs).

As head of the Resource Mobilization team, Yolanda works to maintain Opportunity@Work’s strong financial position while developing a path to sustainability that allows Opportunity@Work  to achieve aggressive goals. Yolanda also leads the Internal Operations team to drive internal stakeholder goals by aligning and revising processes and systems to support effective organization-wide functions. 

And as head of the TechHire initiative work, Yolanda supports communities in their efforts to power ecosystems so STARs have expanded access to quality tech-training and a place where they can show they have the skills necessary to work in the tech sector. 

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Yolanda held numerous leadership positions in both the private and public sector. She served as President of her own real estate investment and consulting firm, Chief Financial Officer of Wheat Government Relations (a consulting and strategic planning company), and Commissioner of the National Credit Union Administration (the regulatory agency responsible for regulating over 10,000 federal and state chartered credit unions). In her profession,, Yolanda practiced corporate finance and real estate law in California, Missouri, and Maryland. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School.