why we do it

Every American deserves the opportunity to build a meaningful career by working, learning, and earning to their full potential. 

The Problem: Growing Mismatch Between New Job Opportunities and Old Skills

  • As of July 2015, there were 5.8 million open jobs in the U.S. -- the highest on record
  • About half of employers report struggling to find skilled workers they need to hire
  • 6 - 7 million working age people have dropped out of the labor market
  • Voluntary job mobility - a key measure of labor market dynamism and source of wage growth for workers - has declined 28% since 2000
  • Median wages have been stagnant, in real terms, over the past 15 years

Opportunity@Work is building on efforts to improve employment outcomes by building tools and networks that scale, ensuring this change can take place in cities, states, and regions across the country. Opportunity@Work is using existing tools, methods, public policies, business practices, and market institutions to:

We need to think about human capital
as a universal asset.
  • Make pathways to high-value work accessible to all Americans. 
  • Create a job market where employers hire and promote candidates with the skills to do the job regardless of traditional degrees or experiences.
  • Channel private, public, and social investment to programs and tools that successfully build the skills and earning power of unemployed or underemployed Americans.