What We Do

We are optimistic catalysts with a vision for how the labor market can better serve the American people. 

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, we are working to ensure that the labor market works for all Americans. Too many Americans have the skills and potential to be successful without the opportunities to put those skills to work. 

We build partnerships with employers, community organizations, civic leadership and job seekers to create pathways to meaningful jobs and fulfilling careers. 


Our work is anchored by three pillars: transforming hiring practices, expanding learning pathways, and pioneering talent financing. We believe that real impact to the labor market can only be achieved at the intersection of these three pillars, and we are committed to leading these movements across the country. This will allow Americans who can do the job to get the job, give opportunities to people looking to move up in their career, and ensure everyone has opportunities to work, learn, and earn to their full potential regardless of financial circumstances. Access and opportunity should not be limited by income. 

We’re working with employers to change the way they hire, so they can get great talent from the get go.

transform hiring practices ->

With about half of employers reporting difficulty filling open positions and millions of Americans unemployed or underemployed with little job mobility, one thing is clear: hiring practices are not working for anyone.

Many people have either the skills to fill those roles or the ability to learn the necessary skills. We are creating the connections between capable job seekers who don’t have a traditional background and employers who need someone who can do the job. We are making easier for employers to hire based on competency, not history and working with training providers to ensure that job seekers have access to the learning and training they need to be successful. 


We are working with communities to grow the availability and accessibility of accelerated training


Access to education is not available to too many Americans. Job training and education should be accessible to anyone with the aptitude and motivation to learn. We are working with education and training providers to identify the skills that people need in today’s economy and helping match people with the training they need take the next step in their career. 

We are working with partners to pioneer solutions that go beyond traditional loans to offer financing that is accessible for everyone

pioneer talent financing ->

High interest rates and significant debt should not be a prerequisite for getting the training and skills necessary to get a better job. That's why we are working with partners to pioneer solutions that go beyond traditional loans. We are creating a financial product that protects the job seeker, allows for appropriate risk-sharing, and is financially sustainable. 


Opportunity@Work’s flagship project, TechHire, works directly with communities around the country putting these ideas into practice in the Information Technology industry. We are creating pathways for more Americans to access well-paying tech jobs. Launched from the White House by President Obama in 2015 as a pilot public-private with 21 communities, TechHire has grown to 72 communities, 1300 employers, over 237 community partners and training providers, and placed over 4000 people into jobs.