Our Values


At Opportunity@Work, our values are at the core of what we do. Our staff is committed to the Opportunity@Work Statement of Values: 
We act on our belief in the potential of all people:

  • We believe opportunity should exist for all people to achieve upward economic and social mobility.

  • We are committed with resilience to equity, inclusion, diversity, and equal access.

  • We prioritize advancing these values through the proactive recognition of different experiences and backgrounds with all stakeholders.

We are humble and persistent:

  • We start from a place of trust and respect, assuming the best intentions in others.

  • We celebrate learnings from successes, failures, and surprises, in order to constantly improve.

We are honest and courageous in pursuit of our mission:

  • We say what we mean in an effort to hold ourselves and others accountable to the people we serve.

  • We encourage our team to take risks and surface our failures.

  • We get stuff done by being flexible, simple, and decisive.

We empower, equip and expect our people to do their best work:

  • We communicate clearly and are transparent in our decisions, processes, and learnings.

  • We trust our people with decisions and actions to advance our mission.

  • We follow through on our commitments.

We invest in our people:

  • We put people over process, making policies and systems as flexible and simple as our mission allows.

  • We proactively advocate for and value one another’s personal well-being and professional development.

  • We set our people up for growth and success.