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  • Charlie Palmer Steak DC 101 Constitution Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States

The American worker today must navigate a staggering set of new challenges. The Atlantic will convene experts to discuss the contemporary work landscape and strategies to create workers who can better surf today's economic churn, driven by overseas competition and job automation.

Jobs heading off-shore. Robots replacing humans. The very nature of work is evolving with new stress points and opportunities changing the employment terrain domestically and globally. Firms and incumbent employees need a better tool kit in order to perform as nimbly as today's economy requires.

In a digital world, the creation of unprecedented tiers of employment and opportunities demands a more nimble, adaptable workforce. Today's skills-to-jobs needs are vastly more diverse and constantly changing than their predecessors. Fortunately, there is a massive public R&D effort underway. The White House and corporate America -- not to mention academics and small employers -- are proposing innovative training ideas, particularly in the middle skills arena, including a fresh emphasis on apprenticeships. What are these trial efforts demonstrating? Which workers, and industries, are seeing the most progress? Is the so-called skills gap narrowing? And are American workers better positioned to compete against challenges overseas and from automation?

Upskilling America: The Gateway to the Future

  • Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Tyra Mariani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Opportunity@Work
  • Charissa Raynor, Executive Director, Healthcare NW Training Partnership, Service Employees International Union
  • Moderator: Steve Clemons, Washington Editor at Large, The Atlantic

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