World Affairs 2015

  • The St. Regis San Francisco 125 3rd Street San Francisco, CA

Issues On My Mind | Inequality: Technology, Jobs and a Shrinking Middle Class

Upward mobility and the resulting growth of the middle class have long been the promise of the American dream, inspiring many to come to our shores. But technology-driven globalization, while creating great wealth and lifting many from poverty, has also left many behind. High growth economies like China, India and Nigeria are experiencing disparities that have implications for stability. And, in the US, inequality in income is the highest it has been since 1928. How can technology innovation be matched by social innovation? What will be the future of work in high and low growth economies? And how can the current and future workforce prepare for the jobs that await? These are the questions that are on the minds of some of our country’s leading technologists, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. The World Affairs Council invited Reid and fellow innovators to explore these questions and report out to those gathered at WorldAffairs2015.

Reid Hoffman
Partner, Greylock Partners; Co-Founder and Chairman, LinkedIn

James M. Manyika
Senior Partner and Director, McKinsey & Company; Director, McKinsey Global Institute

Jane Wales
Vice President, Aspen Institute, and CEO of World Affairs Council

Zoë Baird
President, Markle Foundation

Byron Auguste
Co-Founder & Managing Director of Opportunity @Work

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