If you want to learn more about TechHire or make a commitment to this initiative, please visit TechHire.org to access additional tools and resources.

Launched March 9, 2015 - TechHire, our first project,  is a national initiative that builds a superior network to connect employers with IT hiring needs to individuals who possess the skills and motivation to be successful employees, but whose non-traditional pathways to acquiring those skills too often render them “invisible” to traditional recruiting processes. Over half a million such jobs are open today, with employer demand to hire for these jobs growing faster than traditional education and training programs.
Within the growing network of 50 TechHire communities, who today have over 200,000 open IT jobs, Opportunity@Work will work with a range of technology, private sector and philanthropic partners to create freely available tools to streamline the sign-up and participation of thousands of employers in inclusive hiring, and to facilitate a nationwide learning network to rapidly improve the TechHire initiative’s impact.  We are also working to develop a new “pay-it-forward” financing mechanism to allow lower-income Americans to be trained and placed into good technology jobs across the United States, beginning in TechHire communities.   

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