Why TechHire.careers?

Hire vetted professionals

HIre Vetted, Validated, and Verified professionals

How else can we say it? With TechHire.Careers you will hire with confidence. Every tech professional on TechHire.Careers has successfully completed assessments that demonstrate their technical skills. They have also successfully completed a soft skills interview with a volunteer recruiter, indicating they are job ready. 

Seeing is believing

Seeing is Believing

Not convinced? Look at their work product. Only on TechHire.Careers can you see that they completed a real time demonstration of their work product. Why rely on what school a candidate has gone to or where they’ve worked when you can actually see they’ve demonstrated their skills. If they can do the job, shouldn’t they be considered for your job?


change not charity

Change. Not Charity.

Candidates on TechHire.Careers have the skills to do the job but have been unfairly screened out by employers that require a 4-year college degree, despite the fact that many of these jobs require skills that can be learned elsewhere. Many are stuck in low-paying jobs that prevent them from creating a better life for their family. When you hire from the TechHire.Careers community, you’ll not only add a talented tech professional to your team, you’ll change someone’s life for the better. 

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