— President Barack Obama

TechHire is a national network of communities working to create pathways for overlooked and underrepresented Americans to gain skills and access to open technical jobs across the country. TechHire was launched in 21 communities by President Barack Obama at the 2015 National League of Cities conference - and has been gaining momentum ever since. When TechHire formally transitioned from the Obama White House to Opportunity@Work in December 2016, the network had expanded to 72 communities, states and rural regions across America.

Community leaders in these TechHire communities across the country - including local workforce boards, employers, educators, community-based organizations, and civic leaders -- have stacked hands to create access to tech training and employment within their cities, states, and rural regions. Our community partners across the nation provide vital employer feedback to training providers teaching overlooked job seekers in-demand technical skills. TechHire employer partners are committed to giving individuals a chance to show what they can do.

The current TechHire communities now have a collective network of 237 training partners and 1,300 employers across the 72 cities, states and rural areas. TechHire communities have collectively helped over 4,000 people connect to well-paying tech jobs. 

Techhire Program:

Opportunity@Work supports the TechHire network of communities in creating on-ramps to in-demand technical training and jobs. Our team of Community Engagement Managers and Program Associates support communities in building inclusive hiring ecosystems with access training and employers who have committed to hire based on skills. 

Building TechHire ecosystems makes it possible for Americans who have been historically underrepresented and locked out of the labor market to have information, access, support, and pathways into skilled careers. 

In a strong TechHire ecosystem, employers work closely with training providers to develop relevant curriculum. Community-based organizations and workforce agencies move individuals into the tech training pipeline. Employers commit to consider candidates from the TechHire pipeline. Civic leaders champion TechHire and convene stakeholders. Often a  “backbone organization” marshals the work through partnerships that sustain and expand the TechHire ecosystem.

Opportunity@Work supports TechHire communities by: 

  • Providing tools and resources that help TechHire communities grow and scale.
  • Sharing success stories from TechHire Communities on our national blog and newsletter. 
  • Identifying potential sources of funding, capacity building and partnerships.
  • Sharing best practices and approaches: