Byron G. Auguste
President and Co-Founder

Byron was inspired by a diverse set of experiences to conceive and co-found Opportunity@Work in 2015. From his large extended family to a diverse range of friends in his "hometowns" of Detroit, Michigan and Phoenix... Read More


Papia Debroy
Director of Employer Strategy
and Partnerships

Papia is responsible for growing the TechHire employer network, which provides talented nontraditional job candidates a direct connection with great organizations... Read More


Sally Smyth
Director of Community Finance and Impact

Sally is responsible for the organization’s work to ensure that the implementation of TechHire in the 50+ communities across the country is appropriately staffed and funded... Read More



Samira Khan
Senior Business Project Manager

Samira Khan serves as a senior business project manager with Opportunity@Work at New America, where she is currently focused on various aspects of its business model. To her role, she brings years of experience working across the public...Read More

Laura Lubben
Program Associate

Laura Lubben joins Opportunity@Work at New America as a program associate after a number of different experiences. Most recently, she served as a White House intern in the National Economic Council where her work focused on infrastructure and... Read More

Briana Masterson
Project Manager

Briana Masterson is a project manager for Opportunity@Work. She is happiest working with myriad parties aligning interests as a strategic thinker: curating movement as well as speed, direction as well as magnitude and dynamism... Read More

Karan Chopra
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Karan provides leadership on strategic direction and execution of Opportunity@Work’s priorities and the TechHire initiative. He co-founded Opportunity@Work... Read More


Damian Ewens
Project Director

Damian leads TechHire Rhode Island, a new statewide initiative co-designed and developed by Opportunity@Work to deliver in-demand tech talent for companies in Rhode Island. Damian works in close collaboration... Read More


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Mark Godfrey
Project Manager, Talent Financing

Mark is responsible for developing Talent Financing solutions and partnerships at Opportunity@Work. He believes that an individual’s ability to reach his or her potential should not be constrained by lack of current financial resources. Today too many people are forced... Read More



Keyon Smith
Community Engagement Manager

Keyon Smith is a community engagement manager at Opportunity@Work. Before joining Opportunity@Work, Smith spent seven years working for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) as a program officer. In that role, he helped more...Read More

Eleyni M. Rodriguez
Program Associate

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Eleyni served as a White House intern in the National Economic Council. Her work there was focused on inclusive entrepreneurship, innovation, and manufacturing policy. In addition to policy research and... Read More

C. Bradford Ellison
Program Associate

C. Bradford Ellison is the TechHire Rhode Island (TechHireRI) Program Associate with Opportunity@Work. He is responsible for developing TechHireRI’s Job Seeker Outreach and Computer Science...Read More

Tyra A. Mariani

Prior to co-founding Opportunity@Work, Mariani was appointed Chief of Staff to the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Secretary of Education under the Obama Administration... Read More  

Yolanda Townsend
enior Vice President and General Counsel

Yolanda supports the O@W leadership team through strategic planning, management of day-to-day operations,  performance and project management. She oversees and executes financial and operational priorities to... Read More


Tess Posner
Director of TechHire

Tess supports the TechHire initiative nationwide through collaboration with key stakeholders including state and local government leaders, workforce development programs and education providers... Read More


Su Kim
 Project Manager

Su Kim is a project manager at Opportunity@Work, bringing her passion for education, technology, and advocacy to the goal of equipping and facilitating employers to acquire and develop the talent needed for growth. Prior to joining O@W, Su was the campus... Read More


Tari Linda Lau
Communications Associate

Tari works with with digital outreach and communication efforts at O@W. She brings a collection of digital outreach, graphic design, marketing, and public relations experience to the team and has spent her career working with government and nonprofit... Read More

Jen Hetzel Silbert
Senior Project Manager        @Jhsilbert

Jen leads employer outreach and engagement for the Rhode Island O@W team, co-facilitating the design and implementation of TechHire Rhode Island. Primary responsibilities include relationship management... Read More

Dolores Vyfhuis
Executive Assistant

Dolores provides administrative and office management support to the managing director, partner, and chief of staff. With over 20 years of experience in administrative and office management, including time spent working at large non-profit organizations... Read More