Samira Khan, Senior Business Project Manager

Samira  serves as a senior business project manager with Opportunity@Work, where she is currently focused on various aspects of its business model. To her role, she brings years of experience working across the public and private sectors—including corporations, non-profits, intergovernmental organizations, and governments—solving a range of business problems. 

Previously, Samira worked as a project manager with Dalberg Global Development Advisors in Hong Kong and Mumbai. She worked on monitoring, evaluation, and learning for a large charitable organization, and also helped develop an academy for a social investment firm. Prior to that, working directly with leadership, she helped develop and globally coordinate A.T. Kearney’s Social Impact organization. Her external projects included the design and development of an international venture philanthropy center. Before taking on this role, Samira was a consultant with the firm on various projects across industries in the United States.

Samira began her career in Accenture’s public service strategy practice, working with various departments in the U.S. federal government.  For example, she worked with the U.S. Department of Education to understand the changing needs of the youth population and identify trends in and strategies for the higher education market. Apart from this role, Samira has worked on a variety of projects in additional geographies, such as urban planning and economic development for the Abu Dhabi government, working with acid violence victims in Bangladesh, and news research with the BBC.

Samira is passionate about social innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the intersection of technology and social impact. Samira holds a BS in management science & engineering, with a focus on technology & policy, from Stanford University and a master's in public policy from Harvard University.  She is also a former Fulbright Scholar in creative writing.