transform hiring practices

If employers want to solve the skills gap, the solution is to hire for skills mastery rather than resume history.
— Byron Auguste

We are working with employers to change the way they hire. By building a hiring channel that focuses on skills and competency instead of pedigree and history, we are enabling employers to hire candidates who can do the job and may otherwise have been overlooked. 

This change empowers job seekers who are looking to make a change, whether that be a mid-career switch, veterans coming back to civilian service, or recent graduates of associate's and bachelor’s degree programs looking for their first step into a fulfilling career. 

With a million IT jobs to fill over the next year, we need to make sure we are tapping into all talent pools, and not leaving anyone out. Finding the right person for the job is essential for continued growth in the Tech sector and the American economy.

expand learning pathways

We are working with communities to grow the availability and accessibility of accelerated training that leads to a career
— Sally Smyth, Director of Community Finance & Impact

There is an immense job training and education accessibility gap. Too many Americans do not know what the next step on their career ladder could look like. We are making information about training and education accessible to anyone who has the aptitude and motivation to learn to enable more Americans to take that next step. 

Fewer employers offer a clear pathway from entry level to management roles today than they did 30 years ago. Working your way up from the mailroom has become a fantasy. We want to ensure that it remains a reality by helping people access the training they need to level-up, either in their current job or in a new career. With the growth in online learning that is democratizing education, lack of access should not be what is holding people back. 

pioneer talent financing

We are re-imagining education financing with the individual at the center of the design.
— Karan Chopra

Access to training and education is not just knowing where to go or what skills you need, you need to be able to get there. Opportunity@Work is pioneering new talent financing vehicles to ensure that talented people with the motivation and aptitude to learn can afford to take that risk. Too often, the financial risk associated with pursuing an education falls solely on the individual. By creating risk-sharing and income sharing models that are based on outcomes, not on history, Opportunity@Work is building a model necessary for developing a 21st century workforce.