Opportunity@Work is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to secure a future of robust opportunity in which all Americans can learn, pursue and realize their potential contribution.  

We have a vision for a labor market where those who have the potential to perform a job successfully have the opportunity to obtain that job. In this “re-wired” labor market:

  • Hiring decisions are made based on an individual’s ability to demonstrate skill and readiness

  • Training is accessible to anyone with the aptitude and drive to learn a skill

  • Technology is used to accelerate learning outcomes and uncover overlooked talent

Opportunity@Work’s goal is to empower 1 million more Americans to work and earn to their full potential over the next 10 years.


We Need to “Re-wire” the Labor Market (updated on November 24, 2015)

How do we ensure that motivated Americans get the skills they need to find meaningful work, to thrive in the workplace, and to move forward in our job market? READ MORE