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Why Corporate Recruiters Shouldn't Be So Obsessed With Prestigious College Degrees

By Jonathan Vanian
Fortune / June 26, 2018

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A B.A. Isn’t the Only Way

Bloomberg Editorial Board / June 4, 2018

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Don’t Fall for Employers’ Whining About a ‘Skills Gap’

By Michael R. Strain
Bloomberg / May 17, 2018

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Why Companies Should Hire for Potential over Pedigree: Q&A with Byron Auguste

By Mary Hayes, Workday
Forbes / April 24, 2018

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The New Casualties of Automation

by Lolade Fadulu
The Atlantic / December 21, 2017

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How Innovative Hiring Practices Can Help Solve The Tech Industry’s Diversity Problem

by Byron Auguste & Karan Chopra
The Huffington Post / August 31, 2017

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Switching Careers Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: Charting Jobs That Are Similar to Yours

by Claire Cain Miller and Quoctrung Bui
The New York Times / July 21, 2017

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A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree

by Steve Lohr
The New York Times / June 28, 2017

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How to Beat the Bots

by Tom Friedman
The New York Times / June 10, 2015

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