expand learning pathways

Closing the opportunity gaps will benefit companies and job seekers alike, empowering all Americans to create a brighter economic future for the country.
— Yolanda Townsend, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

There is an immense job training and education accessibility gap. Too many Americans do not know what the next step on their career ladder could look like. We work with community partners across the nation who are making information about training and education accessible to anyone who has the aptitude and motivation to learn to enable more Americans to take that next step. 

TechHire is a national network of communities and partners working to create pathways for overlooked and underrepresented Americans so that they can gain skills and access to open technical jobs across the country. Our TechHire Team works closely with local leaders to build inclusive communities that create access to training and connections to employers who are hiring based on skills. Building and supporting better aligned TechHire ecosystems makes it possible for Americans historically underrepresented and locked out of the tech labor market to have access, support, and clear pathways into skilled careers.