Eleyni M. Rodriguez, Program Associate

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Eleyni served as a White House intern in the National Economic Council. Her work there was focused on inclusive entrepreneurship, innovation, and manufacturing policy. In addition to policy research and analysis, much of her work included coordinating with government agencies and outside partners to collectively advance policy initiatives. She also assisted in the planning an execution of various high-level events such as the White House Travel Bloggers Summit and the SupplierPay Working Session. While in college and prior to the White House, Eleyni was able to explore her entrepreneurial spirit as the co-founder and CEO of NOTAY, an online apparel and accessories retailer. 

Eleyni is a self-starter who is motivated and driven. She characterizes herself as a doer, a critical thinker and good listener who is entrepreneurial, hardworking, loyal, honest, and patient. Through her studies and past experiences she has grown and developed these skills, and strives for continued personal and professional development everyday. A hobby web developer in training, she is interested in all things tech, including the use of technology to solve large scale problems.