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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to get in touch with my/a specific TechHire Community.

Please go to and click on your community to be directed to the partner organization of your community. Contact information should be available on that website.

I’d like to learn how to code

If you’re interested in our Learn and Earn Pilot , where we partner with a coding bootcamps in specific cities and offer inclusive financing options to help students pay for training, please check for more details on our website! This pilot is only available at select cities at this time, but please keep an eye out on our website to see if it comes to a city near you.

I’d like to partner with Opportunity@Work.

We’re happy to hear from you! Please fill out our contact form with your request and we will route it to the right person!

I’d like to request for an Opportunity@Work member to attend or speak at my event.

We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form with details of your event and we will route you to the right person.

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